Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Audrina Patridge on Heidi Montag’s music career


This isn’t the first time Audrina has said something deservedly negative about Heidi’s foray into music. She told Hollyscoop in February, 2008 that she was surprised that Heidi had put out her first music video at the time, “Higher,” because Heidi had no interest in singing as far as she could tell. “I never thought she would ever be a singer since I’ve known her… she’s never really talked about music or anything… and all of a sudden she’s putting out this cd and this video.”


We usually try to avoid reporting on Heidi and Spencer, but we occasionally lift that ban to mock them. Heidi’s awful performance at the Miss Universe pageant was one of those times. She couldn’t even dance and lip sync at the same time and for someone so fit she had surprisingly little rhythm. Rumor had it that pageant owner Donald Trump knew that Montag would royally suck, and that he booked her for the publicity, not her entertainment value. Patridge realizes that she’ll get more coverage if she trashes her co-star, but she was very understated about Heidi’s music career, especially considering how God-awful she really is.



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