Thursday, December 3, 2009

Emma Watson in a bikini


Emma Watson, who is going to Brown University and had publicly started she wants to be out of the public spotlight, went to Jamaica and hung out on the beach in this tiny bikini.


Now, I'm a little confused... not about her conflicting actions, but about why more celebrities can't do this.


I want every chick to be all, "Please, don't take my photo, I'd like my privacy," while sticking out her chest and pushing her boobs together. Really, life is already full of mixed-signals, at least these ones would be fun.


Because perverts make up 98% of The Superficial's traffic - And 110% of the editorial staff. (I have a conjoined twin.)


- here's a bikini-clad Emma Watson in Jamaica this morning. For any young Harry Potter fans accidentally stumbling upon this post, you're probably experiencing strange feelings you've never felt before.


But don't worry, those feelings are perfectly natural and are only going to send you to Hell for a fiery eternity spent wishing you only thought about baseball and free market capitalism.


No biggie.


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