Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Megan Fox says she is beating took to the person, the photos of naked


Here we go again Megan Fox say what has improved your head surgically. It would be difficult if you try all the stupid shit this thankless provocative cover age of 24 years, said last year alone. If you have a high tolerance for bullsh * t you can go to our Megan Fox for an update. It should be noted that this was a whole two and a half months since Megan has had a long conversation (I could find, anyway), and recent interviews were not bad. (Go for interviews Megan.) In this interview with Allure, complains bitterly that Megan has anyone his upper body on the set of her new movie Passion Play photographed, and said that he believes that the photographer beat basically the sh * t him. I think you can not blame him, since the photos were taken without his consent, but from what I see far away and out of focus and saw nothing.


Even then, clear shots of her topless, taken during filming of Jennifer's Body. He was wearing nipple covers, the pictures are already there. If they so protective of her body, because it goes topless for his films, in the first place? (Of course it is never "officially" gone topless, says the skin, and said that "nude" scenes "are parts of my body, all I now, that the righteous are my links - The world is everything.") In Allure , which then goes into this whole controversy about how you hate the praise and said that at industry events "in general is the sun that blows all other donkeys." "People would rather say that sucks and should get an attitude adjustment ? At this point we have this conversation, some appointments in advance. Allure have products online, but even if she is looking for a photo slideshow of Megan semi-natural. Her face is beautiful but the dress is not favored in his pocket. Fox Allure Magazine was interviewed and spoke of a blurry photo of naked breasts, which was made on a cell phone. The image was cast during the filming of his new film "Passion Play" independent ", which played in the circus, circus, the wings of birds has. "If I knew who this picture, I personally would damage caused - have property damage," said Fox Allure. "I'm not a Star TV AF-Ing the court the paparazzi and want me to photograph F-ing at all times am. I am in my work and try to create a character and I try to be serious shit and it happened to me. It makes me angry. "(Clearly.) other things that make the list does not include events such as Fox and industry awards. With regard to the events industry, said Fox: "Everyone breaks the sun for all other hospital." What you need praise: 'I do not know how to receive compliments, I hate to think told'm or talented people, I'm a movie star. I always feel that it is forced and false. "

[From MSNBC]

What investigators are obliged to ask Megan Fox - as the industry, and it deserves not face the dangers of fame? And as if the girl has a configuration and the victim. It's been a lot of work, despite the lack of respect in the field of labor and the director, who made him famous. He should be thanking their lucky stars that have millions in an industry that is people work their whole lives waiting to enter. Instead, he complains, as he always does, and talk about how bad it was us. Bad star Megan ..


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