Monday, July 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan had her jail sentence due to failure
Lohan failure to admit that I know this sound stupid, but honestly, I think if Lindsay went to jail, that the constant flood of fraud and save to crack daily updates about his life. I was wrong. Because even if you can not see the visual "pleasure", which is in a state of Lindsay on a daily basis, we still have some legal changes. And the news is not good for people to see, crazy, true love, crazy drug forcibly thrown in jail for long. Radar reports that Lindsay had two days beard, and had his prison sentence of two weeks. Lindsay should appear next week, be:
Lindsay Lohan costs is as quick as possible to the plan. has learned that Lindsay only had two days shaved off his sentence. This means that 24 years, the actress left the Lynwood Correctional Facility in late July - far earlier than expected after his sentence was reduced to 90 days. learned exclusively that the judge was up to two days credit for time in custody Lindsay had been contractually agreed. Shawn Chapman Holley Lindsay lawyer presented evidence it was entitled to two days of credit.
In addition, the team hopes that Lindsay will live because of overcrowding of Lynwood. Lindsay is the first August and 2 August will be released which means that 14 days would serve his sentence of 90 days. But now it is in July. Another source said Lindsay team is working to strengthen its official release date forward. It is hoped that the actress could also be published this weekend! "Team Lindsay is doing everything to secure his release from prison this weekend, a source said in the said Lohan. Will not you succeed? Guaranteed, but we think in all, the source said.
[Radar ]   In addition, it was believed that because Lindsay was a special treat in every direction - even on days when no visit to bring the tourists. In prison, seemed relieved Finishing Special (Lindsay finally had a power outage from prison), but the radar reports was from the attorney Lindsay, Shawn Chapman Holley, was to "spend hours" with her in prison yesterday's talk of legal strategy, I think. MA come - Dina and Ali this weekend, so sad. Oh, shit - I just saw this: Some sources in Los Angeles complain that Lindsay could go today. I hope we were just talking about their asses. So Lindsay is under control 24 hours a day because he was self-mutilation. Since his incarceration.

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