Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daria Konovalova Goes Topless For Maxim Russia

Daria Konovalova topless hot sexy pics maxim russia march 2011 hot lingerie photoshoot
Lets introduce this awesome super hot & beautiful girl in these super charged hot sexy pics. She is, Daria Konovalova, a famous Russian fashion model. And these Daria Konovalova hot sexy photos are actually from the hot photoshoot for Maxim Russia March 2011 issue. Russian girls are truly amazing and frankly speaking I am very close to Russian girls as I had a very beautiful time in Russia. I don't know much about thishot model, but my job is to post the hot sexy pics of super hot sexy girls. And these Daria Konovalova topless pics are just amazing. She has the perfect figure and features must for any hot model. You know Guys the most attractive thing here in these hot pictures is Daria Konovalova lingerie which is more than sexy. Enjoy Daria Konovalova topless hot sexy pics and hot lingerie pics for Maxim Russia March 2011

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