Friday, May 27, 2011

Nabila Syakieb, Foto Artis Indonesia Cantik dan Energik

Nabila Syakieb is one of a series of young stars whose names pesinetron becoming known as sinetron CINTA SMU starred as Princess with Faisal. Arab blood-born women Bogor, 18 November 1985 is increasingly recognized as starring ANAKKU ANAKKU NOT starring with Roger Danuarta. Nabila know the world of entertainment while still a model, and tries casting CINTA SMU follow-up when she was still 16 years old.

Nabila beautiful face also appeared in several ads like Pop Mie, McDonald, Son-C, and kosmetika remaja Putri. Nabila is currently listed as a student Paramadina University, Jakarta. Although the artist has become famous, this meatball food enthusiasts continue to uphold the principle of a career in the entertainment world. One of the principles Ihza Mahendra Yuri lover is that he did not want to do intimate scenes such as kissing or hugging the opponent.

In 2009, Nabila with Ashraff Sinclair appeared in his first horror film, THE REAL Pocong.

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