Friday, May 20, 2011

Princess Swimsuit on Boat

More pictures of the Middleton girls in their natural habitat have appeared – this time from then-Kate and Pippa (now Duchess Catherine) to her uncle boat off the coast of Ibiza, circa about 2006. The sisters wear similar white bikini, while mom, Carole, decides for green.

Pippa, at left, with Carole Middleton in the green bikini and Prince William in the red trunks: (huffpost)

Princess Swimsuit

The Daily Mail notes that Pippa hopes all the attention she has her sister’s wedding to her new project, an online magazine called “Party Times”, an offshoot of her family’s party planning biz.

Take a look at Pippa and Kate having fun in the sun …

Pippa does a backflip while Kate watches: (huffpost)

Prince William grabs hold of Kate: (huffpost)

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