Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Selebriti Dengan Dahi Besar

Celebrities with the Biggest Foreheads

They all have big foreheads but they did not let this fact hold them back. Nothing more to add, here is the list of those celebrities:

Angelina Jolie
Angelina is a sneaky five-head, often wearing her hair in a way that hides it, but occasionally a picture slips through showing how robust her forehead actually can be.

One of Hollywood’s most recognizable fiveheads. You could park buses on that thing.

Jennifer Garner’s enormous forehead is only noticeable from certain angles. But it’s really noticeable when someone manages to get a photo of it from those angles.


Sometimes I confuse Ted Danson with Frankenstein’s monster.

This one is partially to blame on a receding hairline, but Danny Glover has always had a giant shiny forehead.

I’m not sure Mena Suvari even counts as a famous person anymore since she hasn’t been in a lot of stuff lately, but it would be imprudent to leave her off the list.

Nicole Kidman’s forehead is so big, it almost seems to stick out further than her face.

I have to admit, some people pull off the fivehead look pretty well.

Christina Ricci’s face is 90% forehead.

The object of many a nerds desires, Summer Glaa sports a pretty expansive fivehead.

Tyra Banks has said before that she credits her success as a model to her large forehead.

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