Monday, May 31, 2010

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced the separation


Well, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separated, and the representative of Heidi from the announcement Friday afternoon, like any celebrity couple "of others, in the hope of minimizing the public relations and fashion. As short as the history of civilization was, Heidi & Spencer a commitment ceremony in Mexico in November 2008. then held a lavish wedding in April 2009, which was also for her reality show filmed, The Hills have. get both a lot of Flack, that his first marriage was not legally binding (and the civil marriage that was wrong too) to follow, but reported an official license and must be for the second time these last few weeks we have a lot of rumors that the marriage of Heidi and Spencer was a year is in trouble.

The stories on the control of behavior increasingly erratic and Spencer, including the U.S. Weekly cover concentrated in two weeks "The Battle of Heidi: Did you brainwashed. "It seems hard to separate fact from fiction with this couple who win more interested as holders of public perception. The voices seem real, even though the break, and I thought that the stories passed through the walls Spencer . These two are not enough decent players to withdraw a complicated system. And now I'm lost - perhaps. Sounds like a half-ass in the air the ad. Heidi Montag "has by her husband, Spencer Pratt, TMZ has learned separately.

TMZ is representative Heidi Heidi tries to leave because of all the bad press controls false Spencer. She is tired of her and search the place and wants to concentrate on his acting career. "We are told Heidi - represented here in Malibu last Friday - is to try a new place to live ... Malibu. As TMZ first report, Heidi and Spencer have called the police to the mother Heidi few weeks ago. .. It was so much confusion. A source close to Heidi and Spencer told TMZ the tension in the relationship for some time ... "It was not just a sudden thing." Now it makes sense ... Heidi until Tuesday, I am not Heidi Pratt, Heidi Montag, I am. "

[From TMZ] I know - like Heidi from the house of junk you are looking for charter with Spencer, or has already done? Not announced separation regardless whether you are just trying to get out. The people are reported as unconfirmed and it seems that Heidi not happy, but not yet ready to leave the relationship. If rejected, the search for an ad or a bit of both, remains to be seen. None of them seemed to be the head support what I think they were right made for each other. Everybody mad uneven . Spencer has a kind of Crystal Healing / kick military, while Heidi believes that all problems can be solved with the operation and make it unrecognizable. If both were very superficial and glory in search of work, but ..


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