Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miley Cyrus Intesi a interpolazioni calzamaglia attillatissimi

The last time we have Miley Cyrus, who heard his music, was flat, like pop music and others who said not a betrayal. Dissed show the joy, even if they never saw him and said: "Frankly, the musical Can? Just do not." In an earlier interview he told Miley not to go to college, said the short notice and that his grandmother the 62 universities, was while he had plenty of time. He also defended his hot new song and the video can not be tamed, says: "My song is clear, to be free and really know from the cage and in a position to know who you are." Miley tells us that (I think), because He gives his version of aggressive sexuality.
Frankly, it is disturbing, from 17 to see. In a concert in Lisbon at the weekend with a golden tight little body. I think it's nothing new artists for a teenager, but there is something wrong. And "provide Pole Dancing and various appearances in short films, if Miley is not new, either. Saturday, 17, Miley Cyrus, in Lisbon, Portugal, an enthusiastic crowd of children, preteens and teenagers. Her dress? An important topic color olive, black leather jacket and boots strewn Peep-Toe Heel Over.

The set is a way to push envelopes with money bust $ 25,000 and the clothes that they can be tamed in the video for "t", which began earlier this month was .
At the fair, Lisbon, he sang his song "Full Circle", a former NDP her boyfriend Nick Jonas. "Two people," he said. "You always get back together, no matter what I say or bad people try to separate them . Surprise Surprise, it's a Jonas brother ... You do not hear. "Cyrus with her co-star of the last song Liam Hemsworth.
[From U.S.] Sun Weekly Miley is back with Nick Jonas? "She sees him as their friend to keep, which will always be there if there is a different relationship to an end for them?" I always thought that Nick there be something hard, but we believe that Miley has to do with Liam Hemsworth, her current boyfriend, hunky Aussie. She is 17, she has no idea. I also think it would be different and more difficult to have shit when I was 17, but no one was around to pay attention to me, but my parents are tolerant. I stayed under control, in contrast to the mother and the father of Miley, you think your friends are first. How to tell with a baby on stage camel toe end of the world that is different. No, he's only 17 .. Miley and...........


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