Monday, June 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan in the midst of “a total unravel” without assistant

Last Friday we learned that Lindsay Lohan's assistant curator Elinor abruptly. My thought is that Lindsay was a diva nor F-cking mess when relatively sober, and that the Magi must have been a tragedy to manage a lot easier by Lindsay immortalized If f-cked up TMZ was given reasons at the time of this poor Elinor exhausted and had enough of Lindsay must - oh, and Lindsay was not much his salary. In the cold sober light of day is that someone who works just over the minimum wage is the fine line between joking Lindsay-out and total chaos.
TMZ reports that Lindsay is at the beginning of a "total collapse." Um ... you mean he was "Ravel before"? The only woman Lindsay Lohan is not only a wizard - was his lifeline - Lindsay and friends are concerned that this is the beginning of a complete collapse. Friends tell us that Lindsay Lohan is having difficulty finding someone reliable to sign, without an assistant, never your schedule, that make the difference between freedom and captivity could.

To get started, Lindsay is prohibited by law to drive and relies on his assistants to meet him here and there - including their level of alcohol and courses. He also told us Lindsay is incredibly disorganized and can not function without someone took her by the nose. Seems unable, meetings and appointments, a doctor working or planning projects. Soon ... For us, a magician is a luxury. Lindsay to create or destroy.
[From TMZ] Yes, I can not believe it. Even some "sober (doubtful), the broken spirit of Lindsay. This is the only way I think, to describe - it seems as if they barely function in general. Maybe it's because I could not imagine life together in the drama ever f, always-up, cked stunned, drunk, hysterical, crazy, narcissistic and confident of his own impeccable. Oh ... and now that Lindsay has someone drive somewhere and put it on the bed, you drive again? Something in me says so. By the way, said yesterday that Lindsay and Gerard Butler have been in the same pool party. Well, physical contact with others - there are two pictures of the kiss. See the photos here and I want not only to a million places Listen to the cell line as control of the disease ..


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