Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Katy Perry’s boobs are proselytizing for “the Lord Jesus Christ”
was published shortly after the video of Lady Gaga for "Alexander", Katy Perry on her high horse Jesusy tweeted "The use of words such as entertainment is so cheap as a comedian tells a joke fart." Many people assumed this was to go gaga, but not really concrete evidence. However, not properly ... Katy far. Katy told E! that his "tweet blasphemy was a general statement that is not specifically Gaga. Although she says she is often hurt by her boyfriend, Russell Brand and his statements against the" Lord Jesus Christ. ... Yes, she is a gospel singer and her father is pastor. You understand me not Oh, Katy and says something about the fight against hypocrisy? What fight? "Let's get this right: Katy Perry is talking all about building people.
Smack Except Jesus, then you have found a shock. Has done so much for boyfriend Russell Brand. But despite what the media and have read and digest each enough to see to 140 characters, or absolutely everything Lady Gaga. Then broke the blogosphere last week with the news caused a controversy by Perry Gaga Twitter this week, which went gurls in California, the singer about his new album to promote, and of course, was in a situation is potentially embarrassing situation to questions his contentious Gaga field tweet apparently the religious iconography scolded in his video for "Alexander does. out it was just a major misunderstanding." I'm a fan of the crowd, "EW said in your honor. He added that the religious practices, which says to, "swear that entertainment as cheap as a comedian tells a joke fart" is, was not even mentioned Gaga, and his place was more of a non-particularly in general. "But everyone should be a cat fight. I think people love cat fights. It is a turn-on for people.
"So if someone could sometimes be man-to-be." The other day I yelled out the window. He said something a little bit of color, the kind of blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and gave him a slap in the face for him. "Certainly not, what would Jesus do?" It's just kind of rooted in me, and it is hard to walk. But everyone knows I am a big fan of Lady Gaga.
If you want to be obsessed with him through my tweets, something like 10 of them. "Very good. But perhaps he should stop, but his tour was to get the refusal. But he also explained his remark in an interview on French radio this weekend, he was from another artist who was not very accurate excited." Recently I have seen things that are just a little ... I do not think I would, "he said. "How do you know that Madonna was on the cross? So, my friend will sometimes say things that are ehhh ... where I come from, it is for me to say that ..." But you self-conscious enough to know that your opinion is not shared by all difficult, and the matter is taken is necessarily justified. "[People say that I am] very hypocritical person," How can you say that and
[sings] "I Kissed a 'Girl? Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things. If you decide to put on the same subject, it will be interesting for some people. Everyone knows that ... I've said 100 times in my Twitter: I'm one of the largest and the fans of Lady Gaga Madonna and Russell Brand. Some people have different views. "And some find it difficult to adequately express the first time. Lady Gaga can certainly relate to this issue.
[From E! News] I have that some people "different opinions" and someone who is very religious can be friends or have sex with or marry someone who does not have a shit God or religion. Very good living and let live. But the explanation for his hypocrisy Katy - "Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things. If you decide to put on the same topic, it is for some people" of interest - This is weird, right? As Katy thinks she is there to give us the love of Jesus more with their breasts? I think what you say? Her breasts are prosthelitizing. And also, just go judgy Twitter as holier than thou ", whatever that was made by ..

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